Foreign License Conversion

HV Helicopters can help you convert your foreign licence to an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Commercial (CPL) or Private (PPL) Helicopter Licence, with fully approved courses and experience with foreign conversion we can help make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Although each individual is going to have different circumstances, there are usually two main components to your conversion

  1. Theory
  2. Flight test

What theory do I need to complete?

So this is going to depend on what you are converting.

Overseas CPL to CASA CPL

For most conversions from a foreign Commercial Pilots Licence to a CASA Commercial pilots licence you will need to complete the following exams:

  • CPL Human Factors (CHUF)
  • CPL Overseas conversion exam (COSH)

Overseas PPL to CASA PPL

There are no theory exam requirements for the conversion of a foreign Private pilots licence to a CASA Private Pilots Licence

What Flying do I need to complete?

Once again this will depend on exactly what you are converting from and to and what your previous experience is. Assuming you have at least a couple hundred hours of flight time on your foreign licence, the conversion is quite straight forward, we would usually expect to do around 5 hrs of familiarization flying with you so you can get used to the local airspace and procedures before we then recommend you for a flight test.

Licence conversions do require a full flight test to the level you wish to convert to. Flight tests are usually around 3-4 hours of theory followed by around a 2 hour flight test for commercial applicants.

There is a lot more information on the CASA website regarding conversions which can be found here: Converting An Overseas Flight Crew Licence

We strongly recommend you get in touch with your specific circumstances so we can find the best path for you!

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