Trial Introductory Flights (TIF)

A trial introductory flight is the perfect way to give flying a real helicopter a go for yourself! whether you have always wanted to get your licence, are looking for a fantastic gift or are just after a fun experience, let one of our friendly instructors show you what its all about.


This hands-on lesson will start with a one on one briefing on the basic controls and operation of a helicopter, you will have the opportunity to ask your instructor any questions you may have before you take to the skies with your experienced instructor.

Once your briefing is complete it is then time to take to the skies, your experienced instructor will step you through the start up procedure and takeoff, you will then be given the opportunity to handle the controls yourself! your instructor will help you out and give you advice as needed to insure you are safe.

If on completion of you TIF you decide you would like to continue with you helicopter training (because we all love it 😉 ) the TIF counts as your first lesson and the hours will be recorded in your logbook once you start your training.

Buy A Gift Certificate

Need a special gift for that special someone? not sure which package they might like, whether it be lunch breakfast or maybe just visiting one of our sweet spots? Easy, Purchase one of our Gift Certificates an let them choose. Hunter Valley Helicopters will provide an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience, a gift to remember.

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