Advanced Training

HV Helicopters can provide a wide range of advanced training options, so if your looking to expand your knowledge base or take the next step in your career we are here to help you on your journey. Our instructors have years of experience and thousands of hours flying real jobs and so have the industry knowledge to help you get that bit extra out of your training. 

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Low Level Ratings (H)

HV Helicopters can also provide Helicopter Low Level Ratings.

A low Level Rating is an essential skill for helicopter pilots to master as it greatly increases your safety and flexibility when operating, not to mention it is a great deal of fun! We have have a fully CASA certified syllabus for conducting Low Level Training and incorporate it in to our Commercial Helicopter Licence when ever possible.

Low Level Ratings require a minimum of 5 hrs of flight time and are competency based, however as a guide most students will complete the rating in around 5hrs flight time depending on previous experience, recency ect.

Students will receive ground briefings as well as in flight training. Assessment is in the form of a flight proficiency check and a short ground quiz.

Helicopter Flight Reviews

HV Helicopters is experienced and fully equiped to provide Helicopter flight reviews and additional training.

Flight reviews can be conducted from our training base at Cessnock airport or if necessary we are able to come to you if required for remote area flight reviews or if you would just prefer to do the training in an area more convenient for you, our experienced instructors are very flexible and only to happy to help make your review process as rewarding and easy as possible.

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Helicopter Type Training

HV Helicopters is proud to help pilots of all experience levels expand their skills, wether you have that helicopter you always dreamt of flying or are looking to get that perfect job we are here to help you fulfil your dreams.

HV Helicopters can provide type training in a wide range of aircraft including:

  • Bell 206 Jetranger/Longranger 
  • AS350 Squirrel 
  • Bell 47 
  • Robinson R44 
  • Robinson R22 
  • Cabri G2

Flight Instructor Ratings

HV Helicopters has a passion for training and we would love to share that passion with you! For more information on our flight instructor ratings, including all the training endorsements we can offer, can be found on our INSTRUCTOR RATING page here:

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