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A Commercial pilots licence allows you to work as a Helicopter pilot anywhere in Australia!

This licence is for those wishing to peruse a career as a helicopter pilot.

How It Works

So you have decide you would like to get you Helicopter licence, what comes next?

HV Helicopters has developed a training syllabus to meet the requirements of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), which is the body governing aviation licensing.

Each lesson will consist of a detailed topic brief (approx 1 hr) by your personal instructor which will cover the theory behind each flight sequence, you will then receive a pre-flight brief on that days flying activities. It is then time to prepare the aircraft and conduct the flight. Flights can range any where from 1 hr up to 3 or 4 hrs depending on the flight sequence being conducted. On return you will receive a post flight debrief from your instructor on the days flying and create a plan for the following lesson.

lessons are scheduled around your availability. It is up to you how often you would like to fly however we recommend a consistent approach is usually the most productive.

During your licence you have the option to complete the required hours on one type of helicopter only or you may choose to conduct a portion of your training (minimum 20 hrs) in a second type of helicopter, you may only have a maximum of two helicopters on your licence once you have completed your training. Many pilots choose to be endorsed on two helicopters as it will give you a good balance of both being cost effective while maximizing your job prospects on completion of your licence.

Flight Requirements for A CPL

  •  At least 40 hours dual flying
  •  At least 35 hours solo flying (10 of which need to be solo navigation and 25 solo general handling)
  • Completed a minimum total of 105 hours flying
  • A pass in the CPL flight test

Theory Requirements for A CPL

The theory subjects required for the commercial license are split up in to 7 separate exams:

  • Air Law
  • Aerodynamics
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Human Factors
  • performance and planing
  • Aircraft General Knowledge

You will also need to complete the in-house

  • Flight Radio Exam.
  • Pre-solo quizzes
  • Aircraft endorsement exams

Additional Requirements for A CPL


  • You will need to be at least 17 years of age to commence training and 18 to be issued a commercial licence
  • Holder of a Class 1 Medical (We can help you to arrange this and find a suitably qualified medical doctor)
  • Hold an Aerodrome Security Identification Card ASIC (We will help you to arrange this when needed)

How Much Will It Cost?

Yes the biggest question of them all!

So it depends on a couple of factors:

Helicopter time

The most expensive portion of your training will be the helicopter time. helicopters are usually charged out per hour of flight time and the rate varies depending on the helicopter type. our list of prices are below.

105hrs in the R22 @ $500/hr = $52,500

Theory subjects

The 7 theory subject required can be completed in a couple of different ways, many people choose to study them one by one via correspondence, we recommend Advanced flight theory.

Alternatively you can attend our full time ground theory course, you can find more information HERE

Approx $2500


As with most things there are some additional bits and pices that are recommended such as pilot logbooks, head set ect.

Approx $1500

The total?

The total will vary from student to student however if you where to do all your training in the Robinson R22 it would come to around $56,500

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