Helicopter Instructor Course

Pilot Instructor Rating

HV Helicopters is now offering Helicopter Pilot Instructor ratings, take the next step in your career and develop your skills to the next level with an instructor rating. You will open up a whole new career path with a wide variety of options from training and checking in a large organisation to PPL or CPL course in a local flight school as well as everything in between.

What you need:

Before undertaking an Instructor Rating, you will need:

  • A Commercial Helicopter Pilots Licence
  • Have logged a minimum of 250 hours of flight experience (prior to sitting the flight test).
  • You will also be required to have adequate knowledge of the seven CPL theory exam subjects.

The Theory Component will involve up to 150 hours of Ground School briefings covering the flight training sequences as well as a theory exam set by CASA.

More information on the exam can be found here: Pilot Instructor Rating Exam – PIRC

The flight component requires a minimum of 32.8 hours of flight experience over the duration of the course, which includes dual flight time, split into general flying and navigation exercises.

The flight test consists of a minimum of 2.0 hours of flight time

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