Our Staff


Adam Freeman

Line Pilot

Adam is one of our pilots here at Hunter Valley Helicopters, he is a country boy who loves getting his hands dirty, if he isn’t flying an aircraft, he is pulling one apart as he is an aircraft mechanic as well, Over the past 8 years of flying adam has being involved in aerial firefighting, Aerial lifting, and passenger transfer services.

This doesn’t leave him with much time in the day but the time he does have left he spends with his family and friends; he will go out of his way to make sure you have the best experience possible and if you have the pleasure of flying with this top gun you will be left in stiches from his sense of humour.

Our Team


Grayson Moorhouse

Operations Manager

Grayson is our operations manager/charter pilot. Grayson is passionate about customer service and helicopters, the perfect combination! He is highly motivated and has an eye for detail. Grayson’s personality and...


Oliver McClelland

Chief Pilot / Head of Operations

Oliver is our Chief Pilot, Head of Operations here at Hunter Valley Helicopters, He has over 10 years of experience in the helicopter industry and is one of our most...


Jacob de Bry

Theory Instructor

Jake is one of our Commercial pilots and shares 2 passions in life helicopters and teaching. Having a few years of flying experience this is the perfect combination when it comes...

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Michael Garrow


Michael Garrow has been in the industry for 4 years now and is a commercial Helicopter pilot. you will meet Michael our scenic flights and lunch tours as he shows...

nicholas chia

Nicholas Chia

Nick has been flying for over 10 hears and has over 2500hrs of experience. Nick has experience in a wide range of flying operations including tourism, aerial photography, agricultural work...